3-3-5 waves and big down
Komen: pre idea
Komen: Everything goes according to plan, a wave of d started
mmm... NOT!
cocoz ultracoin
@ultracoin, why?)
FOMO was JP morgans agenda, at the top of W1 they call BTC a fraud to trigger W2 ( jp turns out to be biggest short buyers 3 days later) with the intention to blow the roof of the price (mission accomplished) what goes up must come down, the huge BTC propaganda of don't miss out is to soften the hard landing or crash, this scam is underway to ruin the block chain agenda before I takes hodl and the elites loose control. 2k a bit harsh but in reality 1$ is the agenda if possible
cocoz Steadie
@Steadie, In your opinion, the growth from 7 cents to 20 thousand without a global correction is normal?
what the fuck is that ??
cocoz KhaledRiad
@KhaledRiad, It? Well, we'll soon find out what it is)
Why do you think it will short? I've thought that for a while but it doesn't it seem to be rebounding?
cocoz icoeyedoc1stock
@icoeyedoc1stock, I clearly identified the wave plane, which composes waves of 3-3-5, now we see the last wave, after which we will see the continuation of the correction
@cocoz, How do you suggest staying liquid/diversifying so not to wake and the correction already took place lol?
What? Target 4000?
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