Dilihat 173 kali
173 3
-Overall Uptrend
-Bounce with follow through
-ascending triangle- BULLish
-BULLish Stoch
-huge wick on Bottomed out candle- shows BULLish Buying. Even thou the volume indication is red, it really has a large amount of volume due to BULL buying. BULLs showing up.

- you could argue the pattern is currently forming is a raising wedge- which is a BEARish indication
- BTC Correction is probably not complete yet. If I was a large whale going SHORT, I would not stop the beat down yet, as I feel that there is more room to go south. Especially, when much less people will be watching/trading over Christmas and Holidays. Thin Volume can make price move quickly.

Dagangan aktif
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Look out below-Ended up being a Rising Wedge that wasn't fully formed yet

More annoying is when, I can not move up trailing stop due to life. And instead of ending with small profit, or even, I end with small loss. Expensive play date with kids. :(

The difference between the greats and the average is profit taking. I'll get there ;)
Thanks for the analysis, what are the lows we should expect? setting up some buy orders for tonight
@RafiMohammed, $8-$10700K.

If watching it live look for oversold RSI on multiple time frames. If 4 hour gets oversold or equivalent to oversold (based on past history of RSI), next look for reversal candle with confirmation- follow thru- green candle close and volume. Buy signal

If leaving trigger and sleep- set multiple triggers at different intervals. Goal is not hit all, but at least some.

Good luck
Thx, good point
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