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We said many times DOG Dead coin and yes it`s right move not like others coin trapped as many peoples and they lose money as I heard from them movement for this coin`s not normal pump from whales peoples ... it's going up joined the party And they trapped at the end
Are you think what I said its truth? Sure not, I just repeat what the people say.

All movement in the market if you read charts and can analysis charts it`s very normal movements
The coin drop when hit or touch the summit
 Peoples feeling an important thing for the movement
When they see green candle join the party see red panic and sell know about important news stop and watch what will happen
My advise for u do not look for green or red don`t join Other parties make your own party
How u can make that?
Arena and field can be used by everyone just learn how u can read chart and make analysis just search and learn.

I love to give some advice before talke about analysis sorry for that but i think its help some peoples
As we see as first doge still under trend sec break down power resistance at 0.00000090 so we expect more down until 0.00000044

We will set buy limit at 0.00000044 target = 0.00000132

I think a good deal

Trade will cancel if doge back to 0.00000090 and close above it weekly

At the end

Capital management recommend using

We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Komen: still down but move slowly spend time keep eye on it
Komen: still down slowly keep eye
Komen: Keep eye on it just touch 0.00000054 today
Komen: Allah willing analysis still active
Komen: touch 0.00000049 our buy limit at 0.00000044 not a big deal between 2 prices if u wan t enter
Dagangan aktif
@HamadaMark , Any update here?
any updates about doge/btc?
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HamadaMark AnryanSaputra
@AnryanSaputra, ok bro we have active trade at 45 Allah willing will update soon
AnryanSaputra HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, thank you :) cos im considering to CL really soon before its too late :)
Unfortunately, I lost more than 50% when I was starting

Until the moment I did not sell Do you advise me to sell and wait at 44sats?
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@MomenAli, first thing may i know why u lose more than 50 % ?
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MomenAli HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, I bought it 150sats :(
MomenAli HamadaMark
@HamadaMark, And all the people said, Do not sell
@MomenAli, i think you entered with all capital right ? and the advice wait we are in the bottom just time
sec thing i hope you read these topics

@MomenAli, good luck bro and Thanks for Help
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