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When Renko cross under MMSA3 in the Monthly Graphic, USD crash.

USD crash will produce international indexes crash, and, in general, global economy crash.

The SOLUTION is investing in negative correlationed products from USD that make the opposite from their moovements.

Examples - Commodities , blockchain, ETFs entering short in indexes or negative correlationed currencies [EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, ZAR , NOK , etc]/

We have been telling this will happen from years ago.

When everything is in news, its late. Act now.
"I" would like to share with everyone some of "MY" thoughts on "Bitcoin" and a few other "MARKETS"
#1 = "I" think these are the --"Top Twelve Support Levels"-- for--"Bitcoin" -- At this time --"12-13-2017"
----- These support levels shown below are -- "Prior Lows Only" --- Other support levels do exist.
----- "All" of these correction lows were made after -- "NEW MAJOR ALL TIME HIGHS WERE MADE"
a = "12-09-2017" = $12,701.05 = Low
b = "11-30-2017" = $9,000.00 = Low
C = "11-12-2017" = $5,555.55 = Low
d = "9-15-2017" = $2,972.01 = Low
e = "7-16-2017" = $1,830.00 = Low
f = "3-25-2017" = $891.33 = Low
g = "1-14-2015" = $152.40 = Low
h = "4-12-2013" = $45.00 = Low
i = "3-7-2013" = $33.00 = Low
j = "8-13-2012" = $7.10 = Low
k = "11-21-2011" = $2.25 = Low
l = "10-17-2011" = $2.22 = Low
#2 = "I" would like to share "ONE" of many paths that ---"Bitcoin"--- and a few other "Markets"
"Could"- take when the -"Mania"- is over - ("Bubble Burst")
The others paths are all very Similar to this one. --"Manias"--"Bubbles"--"Always Bust"- sooner or later. It is just matter of time.
----- Check Out -- "USOIL" -- "WTI Crude Oil" -- "Monthly Long Term Chart"
----- Starting Date = "August, 2005 High" -- to the -- "January, 2009 Low"
"I" think there is a 66.7% or better chance something like this will happen.
"Sooner" or "Later"--"When The Mania Ends"---"Bubble Burst"--- Call it what you like.
From what "I" understand "Bitcoin" is backed by nothing. --- If this "Is Not" correct "Please" correct me.
If this is correct why would anyone want to buy something that is backed by nothing " ? "
"I" think this is just plain stupid. --- What do you think " ? " --- What am "I" not seeing.
# 3 = The "US DOLLAR INDEX" -- and many other -- "U.S.A. Markets" -- Could be headed in this direction. -- "Sooner" - or - "Later"
"I" think the "US DOLLAR INDEX" may have already started. ---"Only Time Will Tell"---"I" could be 100% wrong about this part. (#3)
Check Out --- "" --- When you get a chance.
#4 = "I" think "Bitcoin" and a few other "Markets" are like a bad case of "Constipation" --- What do you think " ? "
"I" do know one thing when the "Bubbles Burst" to the downside -- ("Out The Backside") -- it will be a big mess.
"I" would recommend buying one thing --- "Toilet Paper" and a lot of it. --- "Stock Up Early"
If demand is higher than supply. --- ("Price Gouging" may set in.)
This is for information only. --"Education Only"-- This "Is Not" a recommendation to buy or sell anything. (Other than "Toilet Paper")

Thanks for listening,
"One Eye Jim"

"I" just "LOOKED" out my front door.
"I" did not see a recession.
"I" do think a "Recession" is coming, just not today or tomorrow or the next day.
When this happens we will see a "Recession" approx. -- 6 to 24 months later.
Study up on the --- "Inverted Yield Curve" -- and -- "Recessions" -- in the -- "U.S.A. America"
("10 Year" -- Minus -- "2 Year" -- "Notes") --- "You" may want to -- "ADD" -- a chapter in your book about this.
"You" should look at some long term charts and study about what -- "Silver" -- and --"Gold" -- did during "Recessions"
"You" may want to -- "ADD" -- a chapter in your book about this.
"I" agree about the "U.S. Dollar Index" at this time. -- If the "January 3, 2017" high is not taken out. -- 103.82 = High
"I" think the "U.S. Dollar Index" will take out the -- "March, 2008 Low" = 70.70 -- In The next few years.
This is for information only. -- "Education Only" -- This "IS NOT" -- a recommendation to buy or sell anything.
"I" could be 100% wrong about this. -- "Only Time Will Tell"

This is absurd.
Based on what data?
intcommfund WLGoodman
@WLGoodman, Hello. We are publishing a book and we will send you a free sample where we explain it all. Greetings WLGoodman
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