Why Everybody Bearing on ETH?

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Let the Bull run and quit Bearing down on ETH.
EW is complete and utter trash. There are more than 5 waves in markets. People that do EW just change their count when they were wrong. Smh.
Thanks for sharing.
Simple question, What is the best exchange for margin trading for US residents? I was using kraken but they are cutting off advanced orders, Bitfinex is cutting off US residents, Poloniex is the only other I know. Any better ones out there?
NoCode326 jlhequities
@jlhequities, I didn't see anything from Kraken that indicated margin was getting cut, just the advanced orders. But without stops, margin can get quite interesting to say the least.

I use Kraken, Gemini, and Gdax. I've been looking for a new margin exchange as well and may have to go with Poloniex. Kraken needs to get their schtuff together, awful platform.

I agree, their services are great for margin and advanced but platform stinks. If margin does go away there is really no need to trade there for me. I could do without advanced orders for a while but man, they could be so awesome if they got it all together.
Looks like a slight retracement to the 315 range, then i think it will be the running of the bulls again. If you took profit at that 340 area, 315 is a good place to double dip for another ride to the top of the roller coaster. Have a great day fellow spectators!
+1 Balas
I wouldn't worry about it too much, theirs a lot of other coins having great pulses with big gains right now, focus on those. The longer ETH gets held down , the larger the the take off will be when it happens.
The ETH bears are the ones who never got any of that run up from $1 to $420. ETH bears are unlikely to understand ETH fundamentals, unlikely to understand the project timeline or coming milestones, coming events, etc. But, I love 'em. Someone's gotta put the shorts out there to get squeezed :)
@mobitz, I am one of those bears. So that's why I am praying to JESUS that BCH surpasses ETH marketcap. :D
mobitz mightytrader
@mightytrader, bummer!
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