Ethereum is now DEAD...Officially FAILED!

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Back when Bitcoin was around 4900, Ethereum was 390+... Ethereum has lost its value, it has no future...especially with the hacks that happened a while ago and lack of new major improvements...this coin is as good as dead in terms of long term investment.
Komen: Like AlaaElmahdy suggested, I'm reading posts/comments from 'TOP' writers on this like 'goldbug1'. Their analysis is just like mine. I again conclude that Ethereum is a DEAD coin.

ycorax 16 hours ago
Short term, maybe yes. Long term my personal feeling rather bearish for ETH.

As all of this ICO BS is based on ETH ... i'm staying personally far away from ETH. I think most of us agree there is an ICO bubble right now ... if this one pops .. I think ETH will be the first one to follow. Just my 2 cents ...

goldbug1 TOP 16 hours ago
@sycorax, Agree I'm very cautious on what I am buying here!
Dagangan aktif: Ethereum back alive.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: But will eventually fail.
Komen: You will see it rise a bit and then come down - just watch
This was so wrong. It's at 1290.00
Need the proof. Pls provide screen shot of open short trade on ETHUSD
you obviously do not have clue what blockchain is about nor are you aware of the current landscape of this technology but i'll bite here. Whereas Bitcoin serves only as a storage of value/exchange of payment, Ethereum provides a general framework to build decentralized applications based on blockchain technology. What "facts" are you looking for? Because you have provided zero facts outside of opinions that aren't even valid by ANY STANDARDS. Your fact is based on what goldbug1 said? goldbug1 is saying he is cautious here because of how the charts are moving, not that the technology is bad or that the coin is dead.
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xslipstream xslipstream
And honestly, on the topic of ICO, it is apparent that you and to an extend goldbug1 don't understand this either. ICOs when unregulated, like any other investment vehicles, is opened to abuse. Most investors now in this space are honestly idiots like you who know nothing about the technology but want to chase easy money. How do you justify NEO then? Is that a dead coin too? Because goldbug1 is a buyer there but NEO is also a platform to launch tokens.
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xslipstream xslipstream
I can keep going with facts after facts, where are yours? Please don't waste your time if you are going to post some he say she say bullshit that adds nothing to your already nonexistent point.
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burdoch197 xslipstream
@xslipstream, You don't make money by only educating yourself with the most intimate details about the technology of 1 coin...if you go that route you will be living in a bubble ignorant of what's going outside until it's too late. You'll need to look outside the box instead of living in your world of ethereum, which is a dead coin.
burdoch197 xslipstream
@xslipstream, Any fool can get on google, type in 'bitcoin vs ethereum' and within 1 minute give a brief overview of what you just stated. That doesn't mean you have 'a clue' about what blockchain is. Obviously EVERY coin out there will claim to perpetuate the technology and what makes it look superior to others. You provided nothing of substance to refute my point that this is a dead coin.
xslipstream burdoch197
@burdoch197, any fool can copy paste an excerpt from one top poster's comments and call it facts.
burdoch197 xslipstream
@xslipstream, Only fool here is you, who is obviously too ignorant to see the major content of my post/comments isn't about a 'top comment's post', that was only referenced(pasted) here much later in response to a commenter who claimed that a top poster would disagree with me. Obviously your tunnel vision towards ethereum is not a surprise considering you can't even figure out what this post is about, instead you just read 1 comment made referencing a top poster and concluded that's what this post is about. You should really learn to look at the big picture - will save you lots of loss in crypto.
xslipstream burdoch197
Go meet people in real life who is working on massive etheruem projects. look up consensys, talk with various blockchain communities, listen to industry leaders on blockchain, or subscribe to a podcast. I'm done with you, fken troll.
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