Will ETH be the next pump after XRP? $1000 target!

BITTREX:ETHUSDT   Ethereum / Tether
Risk: Low

Dear followers,

First of all, many thanks for following and liking my ideas. I just started posting since this month and I see a rapid increase in the number of followers. I really appreciate it when you like my ideas, this helps me to reach more people and to provide you with even better charts. :-)

After our great profits with XRP, ETH will break out its triangle before 2018. This trade is valid if we close with an hour candle above the triangle.

Target 1: 764
Target 2: 829
Target 3: 851
Target 4: 1000

SL: 652

Good luck again!

Please, follow and like for more trading ideas.

Questions? Feel free to ask and your feedback is welcome!
Dagangan aktif: ETH is trying to breakout now. We need a close above the triangle. You can click the play button on the chart to see or we have a confirmation already. it might happen in coming hours.
Dagangan aktif: We broke resistance several times, but aren't able to close above resistance yet. The candles indacate a strong resistance.

I'll update this chart tomorrow.
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: After a great rally of hitting our targets, we hit our SL this time after a correction of most coins, this is also part of trading, so we have to revise our analysis. I used this correction to add some other coins to my portfolio, if we drop further I'll expand some of this positions.

Unfortunately, we failed to breakout several times and hit our stop-loss. See our new triangle below:

Half of my position was sold automatically and I placed buyorders at 575 and 525 to buy back cheaper, if we fall back further.

I'll reopen this trade, if we have more information which way we will go. Good luck!
Dagangan aktif: I forgot to reopen this trade the 31th of December. We broke out the traingle that day.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: First taget and second target reached. Next target is $1000,- I'll keep you updated about this.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: We reached our $1000,- target. :-) I'll provide you with a new chart as soon as possible.
Komen: I still have a small position in Ethereum, as in most promising coins. But maybe it's good to say that I now have a more than 50%+ cash position at the moment, because I expect a correction in the coming days.
Yeah, you failed to see it is going up :)
+1 Balas
we failed this one :)
+1 Balas
Jelmerrr Ralph_Barhoum
@Ralph_Barhoum, Unfortunately yes, but every correction offers new opportunities. :-) That's the game we play.
ottobloom1 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, shall we wait for another drop... also I am waiting for an update on Ripple, please. Have you adjusted your buy points? It keeps going up. When do you think or shall we have opportunity to buy at 1.52
On the ETH/EUR chart, the triangle is still intact.
robinpapa robinpapa
@robinpapa, Hmm, no maybe not, maybe this is the breakout, downwards.
Jelmerrr robinpapa
@robinpapa, I posted a new quick analyis in the update :-)
THis is a really stupid question.. Are there any stocks like GBTC? - for people who can't wrap their heads around buying crypto? Or is GBTC tha only one?
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sweetniko sweetniko
@sweetniko, ok- i found some others like LTEA. BUt i don't think that Ripple has a stock. IDK.
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Jelmerrr sweetniko
@sweetniko, I know there are many more then these two. I trade stocks, but I don't trade these stocks, because of the high risk.
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