ETPUSD 15m Short Scalp

Macd is over extended
Macd is crossing below Red Signal line
Price breaking resistance line
Price stretched away from 50 sma
Komen: 15m Break-Hook-Go Short Entry
Komen: We are a Go "Houston" (NASA missile launch)
Komen: OK! Once again a Bear Trap. That is when it looks like it is going to go short but traps you in the trade and the price goes long. TOO MANY OF MY BEARS IN MY FOREST ARE GETTING TRAPPED :<(
i'm the bear trap too, what i need to do , to go out of this trap? help me
@AyrtonCaetano, This pair did not move in the direction we wanted in a timely matter. Right now it is sideways and the macd is sideways. It can either direction. I would get out at break even or a small loss if you can. Day and 4H have changed their bias.
Im gonna follow you. Great reverse indicator. I just checked a few of your latest crypto shorts and you were pretty much wrong in every case.
@Crypt0R1der, I am finding that many times my trade history shows when I am trying to catch the beginning of a reversal I either have break even or small profits or small losses and sometimes it works out great. How do you trade that trend continuation or reversal scenario?
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