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FIRST AND FOREMOST... BOTH red and blue are A B C corrections. Red is the LONG Version and BLUE the short..

"IF" the market turns now... and Wave A completes here, we will be on the blue path. It would still meet the guidelines of closing within the "area" of 4. "IF NOT" and prices goes to the long red A then that too meets the guidelines of closing within the 'area' of 4.

Every thing after that is what I suspect will happen correction wise after the main conflict of Red vs. Blue is over.

IN EITHER CASE, I made this chart as a CORRECTION to my "Follow the yellow brick road" chart.
Dagangan aktif: All going as planned.
Dagangan aktif: Market turned... and we rode the wave down to be up 88 pips so far.... lets keep going till we reach bottom.
Dagangan aktif: Hmm... Strange way to get to B. We still in it... lets see how this plays out. IF we have to switch to red, then we will.
Dagangan aktif: The path maybe a straight line, but price has no intention of moving that way. So to save drama. I will be going LONG this week till (Red A and Blue C has been reached.)
Komen: Not exactly following the carved out path, but it is till an ABC happening here...
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Not what I was looking for.
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