$FB - Swing trade into next months earnings!

$FB is a social media powerhouse regardless of the FUD that gets thrown at them. You can't take their throne, so let's ride their wave to the top! $FB will be reporting earnings on May 1st with consensus of $1.65: an easy beat if you look at their earnings history. The monthly Ichimoku chart setup shown above has all the info you need to know.

An analysis, not an investment advice.
Trade SAFE, trade PATIENTLY & say NO to GREED.
Komen: A comment towards recent regulation FUD against FB - “Zuckerberg is an incredibly annoying red-headed genius. By openly calling for MORE government regulation of social media, Zuckerberg is playing offense against all the idiotic talking heads who keep calling for more government regulation of social media. Now the FCC is issuing statements about how protecting free speech is one of their top priorities and they DON'T want to regulate social media - which is why Zuckerberg's press releases about WANTING more social media regulation is such a genius strategy. There is gonna be NO further government regulation of social media because congress cannot agree on ANY issues. There are two billion Facebook users all around the world. Does congress want to restrict the free speech of two billions users? I think NOT. Facebook has a fortress balance sheet and Instagram and Whatsapp have yet to be monetized. If the threat of some draconian government regulation of Facebook is removed (and I think it has been removed), then FB is a screaming buy with a clear path back to $210. Long and strong FB.” - @13inches SA
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