LTC/USD Long Call! Making all time highs while BTC takes a dip!

BITSTAMP:LTCUSD   Litecoin / Dollar
Read the box, read my comments, analyze the chart. You will find out :D
Komen: Other people are bullish too, it seems.
Komen: Most of BTC is backed by money laundering and drugs, that's a solid market that's not shrinking in the foreseeable future. However, after an amazing run, its time for BTC to take a breather. People will flock to LTC like a herd of sheeps after they see BTC going down and LTC going up # greed. This is my fundamental analysis.
Komen: Remember, If the LTC crosses the yellow line, I will cut the losses and start shorting.
Perdagangan tutup: hentian tercapai: :( ltc going south?
Komen: BS lol! sorry, these moves are something. I stopped the loss and shorted this but I didn't have the motivation to buy back after closing the trade, now it's retesting the support. I guess previous estimates still remains. What the * was that!
Komen: TG didn't buy back :D, We will get back to crypto after the cloud clears.
Thanks for your work and sharing. Any concerns if bitcoin makes a run? Seems like BTCUSD has hit a major support around~17K, A lot of people are feeling bullish. How do you think this will effect LTC run if Bitcoin makes another run at 20k?
@NDezell17, Its time for BTC/USD to make an ABC correction from a technical perspective, however its a hype currency. A run up wouldn't be a surprise (RIOT). If that happens, LTC will not see volume from current BTC holder. LTC might make a decent 30-40% and go for a massive ABC correction. In that case, BTC/USD would gain, LTC/USD would also gain, however, LTC/BTC would trade sideways. If LTC gains the BTC volume, LTC could go up 70-100%, BTC/USD would go down, LTC/USD would go up, LTC/BTC would go up. Run more than 20K would screw with LTC.
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