LTCUSD First publish 4hr bollinger bands

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We used the lower Bollinger bands as resistance for what feels like quite some time. Also LTC has not risen above the upper Bollinger band since it's parabolic rise. I think trading above the Bollinger bands could mean we continue to uptrend and consolidate. What will spark the next bull run, i can not see based on the charts. Charlie lees tweet the other day seemed to have halted the slow bleed just above $200 and it seems that there is a tie strongly to his voice and the price (something he himself admits). Could another tweet of his effect the price? Was it coincidence? Will buyers all of a sudden bid up the price and confuse the bots long enough to establish some green candles?
There's a big announcement that he keeps teasing that is due this month. If the price can hold on long enough, that will likely be the catalyst needed to drive the next bull run.
@Box1515, Agreed. I'm curious what it will be. I can't imagine what it will be because i don't know better but that prospects of Facebook and Amazon seem silly. What would set Litecoin apart from Big Brother Bitcoin? He certainly is unique in the cryptospace- for better or worse remarking and engaging the public. However - he has had conviction from what he's said earlier and if he intends to release some information that changes the price that much well the better for LTC Longs and the future in general. What what what could it be though. Something Bitcoin can't do. Something other coins don't have access to. Something that will increase adoption. .... we shall see!
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