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BITTREX:MTLBTC   Metal / Bitcoin

Unsure if this is bottom, accumulating anyway. Watch for confirmation. This is one of few "popular" alts still bottoming.
Perdagangan aktif: I keep buying.
he MTL market is being delisted on January 12th 2018.
Not sure if its my gut or just me hoping but I bought a small bag just now, I previously sold immediately when i heard it was delisted to avoid a major L but at the current buy I'm not sure how much lower it can go x.x if it does I'll only buy more. Alts that were sitting in the range of 20-40mil are now valued higher than mtl. My point being that MTL at 1 point was valued high than these alts im refering to; MTL should have no problem surpassing these alts in the future. (Just a dude on the internet)
DOOM_ PRO Freshoutofideas
@Freshoutofideas, Sounds like now you have the opportunity to buy back lower. I agree about future potential. Binance already leads the board with trading volume. Same Trex delisting FUD happened to BTS and look at it now. While i still cant conclude with certainty that it has bottomed, i will continue to accumulate portions proportional to risk. It sounds like you are doing the same.
@DOOM_, I am, i was so hoping for a boom this week, but maybe it's a blessing in disguise. MTL is in a dog eat dog category with a lot of competition but if they execute well I think it will sore. Look at request network fresh out of ico and still many months before a mainnet release, and they are eat MTL alive. Food for thought.
DOOM_ PRO Freshoutofideas
@Freshoutofideas, I enjoy conversations with traders about fundamentals in the current state of Crypto markets. While i agree whole heartedly with your view of the long term viability of MTL, alongside a vast majority of beta/proof of concept projects, my view is that fundamentals have escaped this gold mine market and MTL is almost guaranteed to play out its market cycle (currently at/or close to bottom), conclude with a pump. After this, i have no hope for many projects.
It will be delisted from bittrex due to SEC intervention..hence the drop,be careful
DOOM_ PRO retiringsoon1
@retiringsoon1, Appreciate the heads up. Lets watch and hope market cycle continues as normal and trading volumes boom over to Binance.
@DOOM_, i believe in the coin but will not get in till the app release in february
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