NEO, NEO, NEO! Let D4rkEnergY show you how to make 10 % profit!

Dear Friends

D4 is back with a cute, little signal for you guys. Let us jump right in. We are here taking a look at the 4h NEOUSD Chart!

As you can see, NEO has not really fared well lately. After it's Elliott Wave Cycle 1-5, it had a 78,6 % Retracement, which is a lot. At this moment we are just above the 50 % retrace. A descending wedge has formed, which is a bullish sign. It basically means, that the bears are losing momentum.

D4 will encourage you guys to monitor the chart closely. If a candle breaks out of the wedge , with good volume , you can enter a trade. Please pay attention to the MACD . A cross is a bout to happen, and we will probably soon go into an uptrend.

The RSI is also starting to point upwards. And we have plenty of space to go to the moon.

When we are talking riskreward-ratio you can for instance set it to 10 % win and a 2 % stop loss with the EMA200 as support. Then we only have to be good here 1 out of 5 times in the long run before it's +EV trade.

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PS. The trade is NOT open yet. Always wait for confirmation.
Komen: We might soon be there guys!


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Why your analysis are exactly opposite.. ??
Finally after the double bottom, this trade could be profitable.
Still set up for the move... still watching... won't buy until I see some confirmation above trendline. What are your favorite confirmation actions for the break of a trendline? My top 3 are: Complete candle closed above line, going above then bouncing back off the trendline as support this time, penetration with heavy volume and momentum.
mariofdo evansmichaelj
@evansmichaelj, Hi!, When you say "Complete candle closed above line" ... What time chart are you suggest to watch? 15m? 1h? 2h? Thank you!
i thought this fail
+1 Balas
NEO is dumping due to these i think
1. NEO is not decentralized yet. They are still talking about it even after 6 months.
2. The code isn't designed to handle even a single, benign failure even though
3. So, the whole *purpose* of a Byzantine fault tolerant consensus algorithm is to be *tolerant* to Byzantine failures.
What do you guys think. ?
Binzaydan mytechshout
@mytechshout, Some of the top 5 spreading FUD about NEO.
+4 Balas
Woolfman Binzaydan
@Binzaydan, Sure. Just go on ignoring that all alts are depending on BTC price movements and market capitalization.
We have to wait for the break out, thats all, be patience guys!
Hey D4, can you update please?

i would like to know your opinion.... ;)
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