NCAD buy

NCAD did what looks like a 7 swing structure. Measures out, I am trying to scalp it to trend line at least, Pattern could expand down, so I will just watch the price action and see what kind of push up. It retraced 50% of wave up. If pattern will expand down I would think it may turn at the 89.70 level
Komen: I’m just watching Ncad on the 4hr with the 200 for my reference point on holding it. It made an ending diagonal before the push up. But I am small in anything this week. I just give it and acad a little room to move around. Ucad is the nice buy but I am still waiting. Should have just swung it with a limit order.
Komen: If you took this trade and followed the update info, I would recommend taking profit. If u twin traded, which you should, I would TP 1 and slide stop on second part to 8873, if you wanted to go for a longer term target, but keep in mind this consolidation pattern on the 1 hr, along with Acad has the potential to push down more.
Komen: If u got the buy on this at a decent spot low in the correction pattern, when it completed I was not at my desk. I would take profit on half and leave the other half stop in profit just see where it takes you
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