O.K. Cash Huge Spike with Volume

BITTREX:OKUSD   OkCash / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)

Looking at the daily chart of O.K. Cash, we can see that just two days ago it had a huge spike with volume that took it from 22 cents to 50 cents in one day. Then it retraces with a lot less volume the last 2 day to just 24 cents. Overall it raises from a minimum of 15 cents in October 23 to a maximum of 50 cents, October 31. Then it retraced about 77% of the entire rise, to 23 cents, giving us a great opportunity to catch it at a decent price.

The kind of volume we are looking at it, is the kind of volume that made it move from 10 cents to 88 cents in two weeks last time in September of these year.

Also, we just broke up out of a triangle with huge volume , which is very bullish . It is just a $17.6 million-dollar market cap coin, so it has lots of potential for huge gains.

In addition, we have a bullish MACD crossover with positive diverge as seen on the chart.

Looking at the Elliott Wave Pattern of these chart, we have just entre into primary wave 3, being primary wave 1 from the minimum of 2 cents these year to a maximum of 88 cents in September, and primary wave 2 from 88 cents in September to 15 cents in October. Now I expect primary wave 3 to take it to about $1.50 dollars, maybe more, and it would still only be 1.618% the ratio of wave 1. But it would still be about 8 times its current price.

Well see, it looks like a good stock to shoot for the fences with some of your portfolio.

Good Luck in your decisions
O.K. now in UPbit exchange, that is two small new exchanges in less than a week. Of course the big one is Poloniex, but everything seems good in this one. I traded a lot of my Ripple for this one a few days ago, failed to mention that. We’ll see what happens. Good Luck to You.
O.K. Cash making a short term symmetrical triangle, also known as pinching pattern. I will expect it to break out of it soon, in less than a few dates, and continue its rise to about 95 cents or so, its next target.

Good Luck to You
Well, here some news, I don't know what effect it will have but, O.K. Cash is been added to Coins Market Cryptocurrency Exchange.
I just want to remember you guys that on Friday 24 of this week is the Anniversary of O.K. Cash, and some news might pop up.

It might not be a bad idea to buy some ahead of it. I already did.

Good Luck
O.K. spiking up nicely, already at 42 cents, up 70% from where I bought it and mention. There is the O.K. Cash 3-year anniversary on the 24 of this month, , and some crazy guy who bought a ton of coin on October 31, causing it to double in price that day. And in the forums talking like crazy about getting into Poloniex Exchange. The expectation for that to happened and for that to be announced on the O.K. Cash Anniversary must be pretty high. Maybe that's it, and if they do, well, let’s just hope you aren’t afraid of heights.


Thanks for the share
MexCrypto tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, O.K. Cash has continued to move up, it is moving up slowly, but everything seems fine. The MACD indicator made a buy signal a few weeks ago, and a few days ago surpassed the cero line, another buy signal. I'm expecting this week or next to reach $0.50 dollars, and in a couple of weeks the $1.00-dollar mark.

I could do a short-term Elliott Wave Count if you guys want me to.

I know that time is very valuable in the cryptocurrency space, and that something else may be doubling while you are holding this one, but 3 or 4 to 1 in one month or so seems pretty good to me. But yet, you have to be more patience. Patterns take time to develop.

Good Day to You All
@MexCrypto, Thanks for your efforts. Do you think their upcoming 3rd Birthday (& apparently collaboration with Golden Smophy for Birthday event could positively affect OK Cash price over upcoming weeks?

I am too new to Cryptocurrency to see how fundamentals affect prices.

MexCrypto tylergriffsmith
@tylergriffsmith, I gues it is possible. Depends of wheather there is the expectation that a big announcement will be made that day. Like for example, their addition to Poloniex Exchange or something. They been trying to get in there for a long time, if they succeed it will skyrocketed.

Either way, right now everything is selling off, except Bitcoin Cash, but that could reverse next week and things could start to rally again.

Well see, I am holding on based on technical analysis.

Good Luck to You
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