OMG! it's time to back up the truck!!! (well almost) OMGBTC

BITFINEX:OMGBTC   OmiseGo / Bitcoin
This couldn't be a more perfect setup. I have bought a 1/2 position on the breakout and will buy the other half on confirmation. I love this pattern, but be cautious as always. Many times when a setup is this clear it fails. Keep your eyes on the charts, and keep to your plan. This could be the play of the day!!
Komen: Please note there are several other indicators I am looking at this is just an overall view to avoid a cluster of TA. In otherwords the big picture. I like to have several indicators tell me that we are ready to break. Trading with one or two like I see so many do is a recipe for failure. Good luck in the market today!!!

You must always have an exit plan in the event a trade goes bad. Failure to take a little loss leads to large losses at some point.
Komen: Ok looks like we have confirmation and are ready to back up the truck. I just added to the overall position.

Further evidence that whales are not a factor!!!!
Thank you for sharing great thoughts!. Any possible profit taking zones? I was in since 190k not much though..
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@BtcDIAN, Thank you for reading and commenting, The R1 and R2 lines should also be marked T1 and T2 as these are my sell points.
BtcDIAN goldbug1
@goldbug1, Thank you for the reply. Got to hold till the target 1 first then! For now, looks like ATH BTC took some volume off from it I guess..
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@BtcDIAN, absolutely it's hard to be patient in a fast moving market. have a blessed day
Appreciate your work @goldbug1. Mind sharing your thoughts on IOC if you got some time?
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@degfyt, Thank you degfyt I will see what I can do.
Love the analysis!
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goldbug1 Prometheus83
@Prometheus83, Thank Prometheus
Nice Analysis @goldbug1
I know that the Fundamentals on OMG are pretty strong but as a medium-term hold would you buy at the current price (.0025 and above) or would you wait for a retrace? and to what point?
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@hodl-on, Your still about 8% below the first resistance point. Medium term is relative with cryptos ;). I'm long term on this one and feel it has a long future ahead. If your not in I would definitely own some. We have this on our crypto tribe must own sheet (only 8 coins in total on the list). Medium term there is still some room to run, nothing is for sure. I tell this religiously NEVER buy a full position at one time, enter in 1/4 or 1/3. People do not like to cost average up, I have no problem with that!!! I actually prefer it.
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