POLONIEX:STRATBTC   Stratis / Bitcoin
Stratis start to grow. It look like Elliott wave third wave - most strong wave.
Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: Dear traders use stop loss
Komen: Touch support line
Komen: Good opottunity to buy in deep

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update for next target please?
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this was perfect,thanks!
good sir, may god bless your soul for providing good analysis for free.
Thank you EXCAVO! So since you posted this, do you think wave 3 and 4 already happened yesterday? The price hit your targets quicker than expected... not a bad thing at all
Where do you expert stratis to be at end of dec? Btw Nice charts. I follow you now:)
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Are we in the middle of a wicked Wave 3!? If so, the 'boom' may be bigger than originally thought... That pullback was big, but consolidation looks good now...Does anyone have thoughts on if BTC excitement will keep Strat from booming? I hate it when BTC overshadows legit targets for other coins... Thanks for TA, EXCAVO!
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Just spotted two very strong Dragonfly Doji's that are about to break the bullish trend! HOLD ONTO YOUR PANTIES, STRATIS WAVE 4 IS ABOUT TO CAUSE A TSUNAMI!!!!
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amasilma CryptoMessiah
@CryptoMessiah, u mean up or down?
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Looks like its still in wave 1?
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CryptoMessiah bambam320
@bambam320, nooo, if you look at the chart we are coming out of wave 3 and moving onto wave 4.
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