Substratum Showing Signs of Life? Or Pump and Dump?

BINANCE:SUBBTC   Substratum / Bitcoin
Although I was recently stopped out on a trade with Substratum, I noticed today that my longer term holdings of Substrate had increased in value. Watching my target hit to the tick makes me slightly cautious with an immediate buy on the retrace. Assuming we're in the third (we did hit the 1618/75 box), I can't be sure if the risk to reward makes it worth it to me. Allow me to explain...

To see Sub pull back to 5400-6000 makes it a must-take trade. However, I do plan on being stopped out, as we have retraced beyond the 786 as a whole for Substratum, making trading very risky at these levels. So will I take the trade? More than likely. Open with a small position and add after confirmation. That would be ideal.

However, let's not forget we do have a lower target still in play, and after today's volatility , anything can happen.

My eyes are on the white box for now. And remember, this is for educational purposes people. Trade smart.

Dagangan ditutup: sasaran tercapai: I love Sub fundamentally but this month swing was boring. I will revisit again.
Komen: Soon...
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