TRX Movements Mapped

Movement mimicry from the 1 & 2 Elliott waves observed then superimposed onto the 4 to 5 points and the first A correction with the red arrow is displayed. I've placed a fib resistance fan on the chart for easy viewing of the resistance. Hope you guys find it helpful.
Komen: Guessing we could be seeing what similar coins do, that is, dip slightly before a gradual uptrend
Komen: Dropping out lower
Komen: Looking like another good buy for trx, we should be resting on the base now
Komen: *correction it is forming a balanced pin, I'd wait on that buy, sorry about that; looks like it is teetering unexpectedly
Komen: I believe we've hit the base at 709sat, new uptrend
Komen: fyi if you have money in trx you should be aware that it still seems to be moving down
Komen: If you draw a support line from the base of the Elliott wave depicted in the chart (lowest point in the chart) to the #2 point in the Elliott wave it shows that trx could still drop to touch it at 444, then we should see that reversal. If it crosses that support that is not good news.
Komen: Touched the 444 line, BTC dropped it lower and we got some nice runs :)
i inter @ 500 and exit @ 650 today ; 10 to 13 that was really quick
Thankx for upadting.
It was so overbought that I think it may drop below 550 sat before beginning a new uptrend. I DO believe in a new and exciting uptrend with TRX, but people are over it until they see a big correction. I am somewhat new to this so any help would be great. Thanks
didnt work
thomas58700 TOP ThiagoDosReis
@ThiagoDosReis, My ideas are what to watch for not orders to buy, there is no way to know precisely what is going to happen that is up to traders to watch. This is not the stock market.
I think his TA was correct. But this coin has major fundamental issues that are recently elevated. Investors lost faith in this crypto while some bought high are still tend to be supporting.
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@chiji3, I agree, a lot of hype generates large corrections
@thomas58700 it went below 620 :( rip tron rip my money XD
rwstubbz amarjagpal
@amarjagpal, stay in. It is a top 10 coin and many people are waiting for the ema50 to become support and kiss the trend line goodbye and then we're really going to find out where it stands. The previous jump was speculated to be a huge overbought situation caused by bulls and bots.
@thomas58700 do u think it will still act according to your chart analysis ?
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