USDCHF all in trade :)

FX:USDCHF   Dolar U.S./Franc Swiss
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USDCHF all in trade :)

just kidding, there's never an all in trade

Happy New Year to you.

I have no idea why some people like to post negative comments like this. I have learnt so much from your charts over the last one year or so and have benefitted both in charts, insights and analysis. It is my responsibility to ensure my own profit and loss and not to blindly follow someone and put the blame on him/her if it does not go the way we want. That is accountability.

Looking forward to your valuable insights in 2018 and may you have a fruitful year ahead. Cheers :)
TAS dchua1969
@dchua1969, thank you so much and have a great year. This comment i got is from someone that just joined tradingview 7 days ago, so he (i'm guessing its a guy) cannot have followed any trade of mine so far. The post was done in the 4th day here. So i guess, he's one of those that will be gone soon.

Wish you a happy and profitable year.
okay bro what you have done is right but .. lots of mistakes are in your analysis bro bro i think you need to learn the concept of strength of buyers and sellers bro you need to read the chart car fully if we see the chart right from the start its indicating that there is strength of sellers and sellers dominating just don't see the market went up or down identify who is stronger in the game the bulls or bears i strongly recommend you to check out urban Forex in you tube because its the only place where navin is going to teach the power for bulls and bears i hope you take this in positive way
TAS kaushik_2003
@kaushik_2003, Thank you sir for your kind words. I'll do what i always do with my beloved trolls. Feel free to share your charts here so that my more than 2000 followers can learn from you and follow you instead. Opps, ok, you don't have charts. Start publishing.

PS - I'll come back to this chart next week, bet you will not reply my messages by then, you'll see.
TAS kaushik_2003
@kaushik_2003, You see? I did say i'd come back this week, didn't I? :) I have my setups, you see here, then i have the entry rules. They are simple. If there's an arrow, it simply tells me i'm looking for trades in that direction. That's what i did here. And again, i bet you don't even reply.

I've been humbled by the market enough. It does it to all of us, you will also be humbled.
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