Sleepy "Elastic" fox and three actual ideas from altcoin pool!

BITTREX:XELUSD   Elastic / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I do not envy those who joined ICOs a month ago. This is some real pain. Many assets’ price is down by 30-40-50%. Now the market shows a clear trend: "Wait for the ICO to finish and buy twice cheaper."
Many market participants were attracted by a guaranteed profit on the expectations of Bitcoin Gold's hardfork, which became one of the reasons for the rally. And while bitcoin continued its triumphal march, altcoins plunged into an abyss of total horror.
The asset volume started its movement and redistribution.

This was preceded by a thorough preparation - shaking out market participants with "negative" news from China and large players buying at 3600. A good dramatization brought them their 100% profit, not bad!
In just three months, the domination index rose from 37% to 61%. Bitcoin absorbed a huge part of the market.

Bitcoin has reached local targets now and is waiting for an imminent correction. One important question remains unanswered: Where exactly will the cash flows be directed during the correction? Either money will leave the market, or be redistributed within it.
Under the second scenario, we have a good potential for a number of assets. It can even be assumed that the ICO authors themselves are now buying them at the lowest price.
So, I offer you a few ideas that can bring a good profit!

1. Elastic ( XEL ) - a supercomputer based on cloud computing.

The technical overview suggest purchases from 0.25. There are four reasons why this idea can work.

First, the retest of the downward channel has been completed from top to bottom, and secondly, the retest of the basic volume profile (July 2017) is completed, and thirdly, the daily closure candlestick is likely to be above the support line and will leave a long shadow. Fourth, we saw an initiative volume for the purchase, which has not yet moved into the development of a growing trend, but will strive for this realization.
Trading idea: Purchase Elastic from 0.25, the amount of the deal - 8-10% of the portfolio, the stop signal is 30% of the purchase level in the 0.175 area. The target is in the range of 0.65, which is approximately 150% from current values. Investment horizon is 2 months.

2. Lunyr (LUN) - a decentralized knowledge base on the Ethereum blockchain.
The technical overview suggests cautious purchases from the level of 2.5-3 $. There are at least three reasons why this can work.

First, the downward trend is broken, secondly, we saw the initiative buying volume , and thirdly, now there is a retest of volume profile in May-August 2017.

Trading Idea: Buy Lunyr in the range of 2.5-3$ on the descending channel retest. The deal size is 10-12% of the portfolio, the stop signal is 20% below the purchase level. The target is in the range of 10-11$, which is about 200% of potential growth. The investment horizon is 2-3 months.

3. 3. Kick Coin (Kick)-ICO platform.
This token from the third division has been attracting my attention for a long time, and now it's time for careful purchases. After the asset has descended to 0.025, it was returned to the level of 0.0320 and if it is strong enough, then the movement to the area 0.0450, 0.0520 can develop.

Unfortunately, the asset is not yet available on the tradingview service for displaying as a usual chart, but even this way it is possible to determine the nearest targets.

Trading Idea: Buy Kick from 0.032, the size of the deal is 10-12% of the portfolio. The stop signal is 25% below the buy level in the 0.025 area. The target is 0.0450-0.0520, which is 40%-62.5% growth from current values. The investment horizon is 2-4 weeks.

In general, alttoken has a lot of attractive ideas and in the near future we will review some of them.
Thank you for your attention, with you was the crypto-futurist Vadique Magenta.
Took my profits with kick at 0,045 yesterday, bought at 0,03. Thanks, mate. Keep up the good work!
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