XMR - The Music Industry is a Game Changer for Crypto Currencies

BITFINEX:XMRUSD   Monero / Dolar A.S.
On November 27th when XMR was trading at $160ish area I came to grips with my dislike of Monero', that it's not what I like it's what the market does. So I bought and entry position at that time. I didn't know why it was going up, but the chart was highly bullish so I wanted in. Then came the "NEWS" that Monero' is teaming with some main street artists to allow them to sell their music direct to fans. WOW I love a company that is going after new areas and markets, and moreover game changing ones. Yes I know there is music coin, and several others that were aiming at this market, but it's critical to have a working product and not just a dream, this is why I invest into working products with market penetration. This is why coins such as music are speculative and should be treated as such it will not catch up if Monero' and DASH' get there first.

Just like DASH' announced it was going after the Marijuana industry Monero' is aiming at the music industry. This is a fundamental change and brings validity to monero'. Let's not forget that the music space is HUGE! Just look at how Apple' monetized on this market. Selling songs for 99cents and keeping 30% of the rake! OUCH if your a musician and that does not include the take your label gets. This is a game changer even more than Dash getting into the marijuana sector IMO'. Going back, Napster' changed the way we obtained music! Monero' I believe could be the same game changer!

Let's compare. Apple pays about 64 cents for every 100 streams on apple music. It's estimated that an artists gets about $0.005 cents per play or if someone buys the tune the artist (or rights holder) gets about $0.70. Now depending on whether they are under contract the artist ends up with about 10% of the total take. Of course the music industry is corrupt, but this could level the playing field for new artists. What if I sign a contract with my label that I keep 90% of the profits from all direct downloads from my site . You can see how this changes the game for musicians especially unsigned ones. Again cryptos taking out the middle man. LOVE IT!

But if you follow, I do not trade on news, I trade on charts and invest on fundamentals. The charts foresaw this "news" before the news was released, we spotted it and got in. That's how it's done! Now I couldn't believe that I was seeing on facebook and some of the blogs I follow that people were selling Monero at $235-$250 and stating it will pullback. HUH? Seriously? This is a fundamental game changer for this coin. I went ahead and added at $235 on the breakout, why would I sell here? Some are simply stupefied and narrow sighted. This has left many with sellers remorse, as Monero continues higher and it should!

If I have mentioned it once, I have mentioned it a hundred times. Most long term buy and hold investors outperform traders 90% of the time, and Monero' could not be a more perfect example.

This without a doubt a game changer not only for the music artists, but for Monero as well. Now don't expect DASH to lie down and take this easy. I believe they will want their piece of the pie and they are a beast. But there is room for both!

Meanwhile Charlie with LTC' is still in twittersverse. I look at there news release and it's "we hit an all time high". Maybe someone should have tweeted back that Monero is out performing you because you are acting like a child when you should be focused on growing and becoming a contender for specific markets. This is why you are under performing the market Charlie! And even though a rising tide raises all ships, yours will eventually sink if you do not grow up and take this seriously.

All in all I am not selling here, but will be looking for a pullback to add more. With DASH' trading around $750 I think Monero' should be valued around $450.

The game is changing and I want to be in aggressive marketing coins and Monero' has made the top 3 list for sure!

For the record I updated the count after looking at DASH's run.
your dash and xmr targets were hit, where to next?
@DanDate, I took some XMR off the table and will look to add on a pullback or just continue riding the wave. I will update!
sending thanks for the good analysis as always, please keep educating us sir!
Thanks for the analysis!
Sorry for OT. I have a question
1) Can you tell us what do you have in your portfolio?
2) How do you trade alts? I tried a little bit, but it seems a little bit hard..
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Thank you for this chart and analysis!
I noticed the MUSIC coin a while ago, but I try to stay away from the small caps and this is one of the reasons. I haven't actually researched it properly, but if there is nothing unique about the coin, any bigger name can swallow it up at the snap of a finger - and about 90% of the coins are a copy of the bitcoin protocol with some fireworks. It actually saddens me to see people participate in token sales, which is pure gambling, when there are 5 to 10 strong coins that are fairly likely to succeed. If you don't know which one to invest in, just put your money in Bitcoin and forget about it. Jeez...
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goldbug1 SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, "any bigger name can swallow it up at the snap of a finger - and about 90% of the coins are a copy of the bitcoin protocol with some fireworks"

As somebody who has worked in the music industry for 15 years, running an independent music label, it's hard to see what Monero actually offers that other currencies don't - there's no reason that what they're offering here will actually change the lives of any musicians or the industry we operate in. People are still purchasing via a third party webstore which eats up the percentage saved passed onto the customer. Artists will still earn the same shitty percentage as if you bought it on iTunes. If you want to see a blockchain platform that's actually doing something with the potential to change the industry, check out UJO music. This story of Monero is simply a coin siding with ecommerce payment site Shopify which currently accepts Bitcoin. The payment processor will be GloBee, where Riccardo Spagni serves as chief executive (the same guy who owns Monero). This is not cryptocurrency saving the music industry, it's cryptocurrency sucking the last few drops of blood that are available to it from the industry whilst dressing it up as some kind of biblical feat when in actual fact, it's just marketing for Monero and profit for GloBee.
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