XRP About to Go On Sale

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple / Dollar
Note how the RSI and MACD trend down while the price trends up. This could indicate the rally is over, and it is my sell point. I am very short term bearish on this. Any lower buy price is a win but I will be watching for a good entry.

If price continues to rally on this peak, $1.72 is a convincing buy point. That would break the previous high in a convincing manner and signal a continuation of the current rally, but I expect the price to retrace soon.
Komen: Note that this is a very short term trading idea, buy point might be around $1.6 in an hour or so.
I bought in at 0.24, thankfully my trailing stop-loss didn't actually apply on bitstamp (one of those few times not doubling checking something pays off). Just checked my balance a few days ago and XRP still sitting there. Damn, I lucked out.
I own XRP between .20-.50 and have taken profits and gotten my original investment and some back. Where is the top and how big of a retrace are you looking at
JacobFranklin jbeezleyenterprises
@jbeezleyenterprises, I just bought back in for the next short while. as the price continued upwards past 1.72. But I am watching it closely and will likely sell it soon. On the 1 hour it is very overbought and I would expect a retracement to near 1.50 when this rally is over. If you feel like watching it you will see some big swings on the 5 minute and then the price should level out after that but I would definitely not expect the price of this to crash or anything like that as people are extremely interested in it.
jbeezleyenterprises JacobFranklin
@JacobFranklin, Thanks,
I want to trade it and have but got it back .20 -.30 cheaper is it worth trading it if you can't buy it back for less than .20?
Also I have noticed XRP trading at a premium in S. Korea. Is it possible to trade between the US and Korean markets? I have tried to figure out how but I can't find any where to do it.
JacobFranklin jbeezleyenterprises
@jbeezleyenterprises, anything could happen really, it might not correct that much. I am expecting a short term drop then I would just buy back lower. Basically any lower price point is an improvement in that case.
christiankat jbeezleyenterprises
@jbeezleyenterprises, Top ~ USD 2 - 2.1 ish ... will pull back powerful
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