john mcafee screws us with drunken tweet

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john mcafee screws us with drunken tweet
I hate this asshole
Here is the deal: John Mcafee was endorsing Verge multiple times from more than a month ago. He was telling this coin in supreme to BTC in all the aspects. Privacy, Speed, Low fees, etc.
Now, when the coin get into top 20, government become so afraid of it, so they threatened John really badly.
Right after that he became a sheep and started to say all this nuisance.
kuklop DanielGlorious
@DanielGlorious, look up dwave. theyv had quantum computers for a while now. they couldnt give two shits about a privacy when they have quantum computers thatll unravel that shit in a nanosecond no matter what you do. John is dumping the coin so he can buy in cheap. Hes lying and thats all there is to it.
@kuklop, Verge had a super massive run up. Wait till it hits bottom which will probably be below 600 about 1/2 of its high. Things don't go up forever. Verge is a high quality coin. John says what he thinks noooo filter sometimes he is wrong or out of line do your own research test his theories. You can ride it it probably will recover but that takes balls and faith in verge.
@kuklop, Privacy from gov can only be achieved by enforcing brutal laws on gov officials and computer system owners who violate it. Privacy systems protect you from brilliant common criminals not gov and the super wealthy.
kuklop Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, iv been in verge since it was less than a cent so that stuff doesnt concern me. John doesnt say what he thinks he says what makes him money. After the massive pump he told the verge team that they had to send him 1 million dollars of eth or hell tweet for everyone to dump which goes against everything he said before such as "verge is a stellar shining diamond". Now he is choking on his own lies.

As far as privacy goes, if quantum computing exists there can be no privacy, period. I use encryption and vpns etc to protect myself from hackers. I will be suing verge for the same. I have no absurd illusions of privacy from government peddle by people like Mcafee who know better but keep quite so they can make money off an illusion of privacy. It is impossible to hide from quantum computers which operate on a multidimensional level.
@kuklop, I hear he makes the deal before hand for a profit cut.It has been said he actually ran an add. If he threw it out for free and now wants money, John has been getting a little to high lately. He is all over the place , honestly when he is clear he is brilliant but he is all over.
kuklop Supertraderboy
@Supertraderboy, i wouldnt care if he got paid to advertise coins. the fact is he he threw it out for for free as a friend of the project. Once it exploded, he decided that they owe him 1million dollars in eth immediately or hes gonna tell everyone to dump. THey told him they cant do it and then he started denying on twitter that he ever said xvg is going to the moon and claimed he said he thought it would double to two cents and that its way overvalued. A blatant lie. Hes doing way too much coke and starting to think hes god.
Can't stand this guy.
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