BITTREX:XVGUSD   Verge / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
XVG is out of consolidation, has broken upwards through triangle, enjoy the gains!
Perdagangan aktif: Waiting for take off, big news from the verge team tomorrow could set this off if it doesnt go tonight, seems to be holding strong momentum again RSI picking back up
Perdagangan aktif: Good movement over the last hour, we saw a nice breakout move.. retracement now and back up! If it breaks the $0.23 mark, target is $0.40
Calrochee, like how you engage in the folks in comment section. I have no experience in TA. But I found a general phenomenen. Almost all TA folk do their analysis solely based on pattern, triangle, math, statistics, etc. They don't care or mention a bit about policy, politics, technical development of that specific crypto or product etc. Why is that? Perhaps you are the only one here mentioned the news of verge on their recent twitter page.
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@Imin, thank you I really appreciate that! I just try to give my honest understanding to the best of my ability and I wanna learn more about trading from everybody
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Just wait till the 9th!
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I have my fingers crossed!
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Hope this will come true .
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calrochee PhamMaiQuocNhan
@PhamMaiQuocNhan, me too bro!
No problem
looks like the volume dropped out of it ... whats the next call?
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calrochee briancoh89
@briancoh89, seems to be gaining momentum, allow time for this trade to develop
briancoh89 calrochee
@calrochee, whats first price target? 2000 sat?
calrochee briancoh89
@briancoh89, im trading in dollars but from looking at xvgbtc .. yes I would say 2000 satoshis, only new and learning to technical analysis still myself and am still a beginner, so feel free to share tips!
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