ZECUSD 8h: Zcash much potential Target 250 > 300 > 410 > 620 USD

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I already wrote it in my last post about ETH ... Some people believe that Bitcoin will make another strong correction, I don't expect that. On september 14th bitcoin core 0.15.0 has been released and started successfully. That is also the reason next to the china trouble why the strong movements have been at bitcoin in the last week, so my opinion.

Currently, it seems that the new core 0.15.0 is well accepted. Thus the Bitcoin will continue to rise and see not such a strong correction down to 2.500/2.000 USD. Some expect a strong correction of bitcoin . They assume that bitcoin is ready-made and it can be traded normally, like classic currencies. But I don't think that's the way it is. Bitcoin is still in the beta phase. Basically technical chart anaylse works with cryptos, but with technical innovations (core 0.15.0 is not a rumor, just a fact) the trading strategy has to be adapted. that's only my opinion.

For ZEC, this means that the path is free to go up. Targets 250 > 300 > 410 and last to fibo area 1.62 at 620 USD. And let's see what's new about the partnership Zcash/Jp Morgan.

Let's see what happens. Happy trading. :-)

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Chart Sep 2
Komen: update of the current situation and good news. zcash is moving up.

Komen: the positive trend at zcash seems to continue. This may also be due to the last update and the news about it. also, zcash is undervalued in my opinion compared to btc. a good combination for the forecast upward trend.

Komen: Zcash continues to perform well. Let's see how BTC works, so it goes further up.

Komen: if the btc uptrend is confirmed, the next zcash boost could be expected.

Komen: Update ZECUSD: Nice jump up. This could be the first wave. We should expect a small correction (max 250). Maybe we'll break the 300 USD soon.

Komen: zec near 300. resistance broke. it will break 300. next stop maybe 320. let's see. it is a hot situation. be always watchful.
Komen: today we may have seen a lot of profit taking of daytrader. if the supportline 300 is able to hold, then zec are going straight up again.

Komen: zec seems to behave well according to fibo. an up back to at least 0.62 (340 usd) could be seen.

Komen: zec is currently not predictable for me. the correction could go down to 210. I'll keep you informed. the top was 410. that's seems to be clear now.

Komen: if zec stabilizes at 300, zec could go up again. be watchful. next step could be 400.

Komen: zecusd (8h) update: no stabilization at 300. next support at 250.

Komen: Next support areas at 240, 220, 210, 180. As it currently looks like, zec goes down to the main support at around 220.

Komen: zecusd update: currently we could see that the former support line becomes a resistance line. If zec will break 250/260, a further upward trend could be possible. otherwise we could see a short stopp and a small correction down to 210/220.

Komen: zecusd (8h) update: more up possible. short term target 260. otherwise 220.

Komen: zecusd (1d) update: zec on the road again...

Komen: ZECUSD (1d) update chart: straight on the trendline.

Komen: ZECUSD (1d) update: 2. target reached.



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Thx for following A N D thx for helping.

Thanx for update.
How about targets? Still the same?
old resistance 255.05 is the current support. I bet that within 72h we will see 305 usd
@aero1, yes it could be.
Myabe will recover only after SEG2X fork?
btcinvests monguilhot
@monguilhot, yes could be.
Balas thanks for the update
what does the small red arrow mean please?
btcinvests summermoon
@summermoon, it comes from the indicator macd strategy. is to be considered with caution, because he reacts quite late.
+1 Balas
My idea the price will around: 280 ->250 ->310 :)
@vh6889, would be nice. :-)
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