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Introducing our new Breaker Blocks Screener! This screener can provide information about the latest breaker blocks in up to 5 tickers. You can also customize the algorithm that finds the breaker blocks and the styling of the screener.

Features of the new Breaker Blocks Screener :
  1. Find Latest Breaker Blocks Accross 5 Tickers
  2. Latest Status, Restests & Volume
  3. Customizable Algoritm / Styling

Breaker blocks form when an order block fails, or "breaks". It is often associated with market going in the opposite direction of the broken order block, and they can be spotted by following order blocks and finding the point they get broken, ie. price goes below a bullish order block.
The volume of a breaker block is simply the total volume of the bar that the original order block is broken. Often the higher the breaking bar's volume, the stronger the breaker block is.

This screener then finds breaker blocks accross 5 different tickers, and shows the latest information about them.

Status ->
  1. Far -> The current price is far away from the breaker block.
  2. Approaching โฌ†๏ธ/โฌ‡๏ธ -> The current price is approaching the breaker block, and the direction it's approaching from.
  3. Inside -> The price is currently inside the breaker block.

Retests -> Retest means the price to invalidate the breaker block, but failed to do so. Here you can see how many times the price retested the breaker block.

For the volume, check the top of the "How Does It Work" section.

This screener can detect latest breaker blocks and give information about them for up to 5 tickers. This saves the user time by showing them all in a dashboard at the same time. The screener shows the number of the retests of the breaker block as an unique trait. Another unique ability of the screener is that it shows the latest valid breaker block's volume in the dashboard.

1. Tickers
You can set up to 5 tickers for the screener to scan breaker blocks here. You can also enable / disable them and set their individual timeframes.

2. General Configuration
Zone Invalidations -> Select between Wick & Close price for Order & Breaker Block Invalidation.

Swing Length -> Swing length is used when finding order block formations. Smaller values will result in finding smaller order blocks.
Nota Keluaran:
Changed default settings for better compatibility across different chart themes.
Nota Keluaran:
Added addition display settings.

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