SFL Levels - levels that matter

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This is an indicator that gives you an easy way to display the following significant levels on a chart:

- The daily open
- The weekly open
- The monthly open
- Yesterday's high and low price
- Last week's high and low price

These levels often function as natural support and resistance and because of that, it's relevant to have them on your charts.

Every type of level can be enabled or disabled, allowing you to easily customize for the levels you want to see.
The colours and line types can also be changed as you wish.
Catatan Pelepasan: A new version of the SFL Levels indicator! This is what changed:
  • Added a yearly open level
  • It can now show the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly open gap zones
  • Support for extending the open levels for one period (dotted line)
  • Everything can be enabled or disabled

Yearly levels example

What Is A Gap Zone?

Imagine that last week's daily candle closes quite a bit lower than the open of the current week's first candle. In this case, we talk about a gap zone: the zone between the difference:
This can happen when a new week starts but it's also possible to have gap zones when a new day, month or year starts.

Support for level extensions example
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