Bitcoin: Reckoning

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Posted this idea on Twitter yesterday, you had all been warned.
This follows on from my previous trade where we predicted bottom of the first corrective wave. I've since adjusted that TA slightly to show the next moves down, which we clearly did not get in that first dump.
The church of Core will crumble.
Komen: Rising wedge support held. If it breaks up this idea is cancelled
Komen: Confirmed
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: Took profit. Unsatisfied with how this is going.
Komen: Trend broke on multiple exchange. We are now in a larger symmetrical triangle that will decide direction.
Dagangan aktif: Next leg down begins.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: See latest trade idea. Swapped to bull a few nights ago.
A solid technical aspect. But where does this money go? This real world question must beanswered correct as well for this idea to work. Now I somewhat agree, but to have that much market share go to another coin or evenly distributed throughout the market, well we just saw what ripple tried to do. Take the market share. Is it Bitcoin Cash, or XRP or who?? Its goes somewhere..... Or does it stay the same?? I say it stays the same ...... Food for thought. Thanks for sharing your techs and are worthy to consider before all else if anything else at all... I though I would add the ways of the force and see where it goes. Happy Trading Sir. xxwhitevaderxx
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The rest is history.
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I think you are right, maybe a little too low with the 5k option, but it is a possibility I saw as well. I published a prediction a week ago that is still holding up well, and have recently updated it today. I don't really know the principles of Elliot Wave theory and I use other indicators for my analysis, but the similarities are most definitely there.

What do you think of my count?
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Foxace36 Foxace36
@Foxace36, Woops, messed up my count. Here is the correct version:
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neuromancer Foxace36
@Foxace36, that's what I got too. People are expecting too much from the pattern, but patterns aren't always accurate when you have a strong trend line of support
What do you mean sir?
Are we falling to 8-6k soon?
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@btc2020, I think that is what he is saying. And I think he is right too!
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CryptoStrategies SlimProfits
@SlimProfits, @btc2020, 8k is the first target. 5k is the dream.
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btc2020 CryptoStrategies
@CryptoStrategies,Thank you for the reply. Not much volume though?
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