Gold 15.08 unable to break the resistance zone 1900

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The yellow metal is also set for little relief this year, with U.S. rates set to remain at 22-year highs for at least the remainder of 2023.

USD recovers causing gold to plunge around resistance 1900, we can set up buy order here , and my target is the price zone 1920 - 1925.

What is your opinion? can let me know in the comment section, thanks.
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Gold had its worst week in seven weeks and is still being swayed by a stronger dollar and higher bond yields as investors look to the latest US inflation numbers and wait. More economic data.
Gold's decline comes amid continued rise in Treasury yields, which is also inadvertently supporting the USD.
Interest rate increases tend to lift bond yields and also raise the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding bullion.
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Buy Scalp Gold 1903 - 1901
SL: 1895
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+ 30 pip
Gold price is getting weaker and weaker because of concern about interest rates, SPDR Gold Trust "shark" released more than 5 tons
The price line is following the plan that I set out
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