Gold today 17.08 has not recovered yet continues its downtrend

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U.S. retail sales data released on Tuesday showed that consumer spending remained robust in the country, potentially indicating more inflationary pressures in the coming months

Federal Reserve officials expressed concern at their most recent meeting about the pace of inflation and said more rate hikes could be necessary in the future unless conditions change, minutes released Wednesday from the session indicated.

The H4 chart shows that the gold price line has not yet broken out of the downtrend, under the saturation of the dollar, gold is unlikely to recover.

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The dollar was also boosted by the Federal Reserve’s latest take on inflation and interest rates.
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⚡️Fed warns of possible rate hikes, thinks the battle against development is far from over ⚡️
gold is going according to my plan
After the news that gold unemployment continued to decline, there was no sign of a reversal
Most of the Fed members agree to raise interest rates to fight inflation, which pushes the dollar involuntarily to increase the pressure on gold.
gold continues to take place in my vision
⚡️ Half of economists think the Fed will wait until at least April before cutting rates⚡️

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