Gold 24.08 towards the Jackson Hole meeting.

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The Dollar Index’s rally paused at two-month highs, while Treasury yields fell slightly after reaching over 20-year peaks as market makers awaited Powell’s speech on Friday.

This allowed spot prices to re-enter the $1,900 berth, although the outlook for the yellow metal still remained dull — or, at best, uncertain — amid concerns over higher U.S. interest rates.

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⚡️US interest rates are widely expected to stay higher for longer, which limits upside for gold, as higher interest rates increase the opportunity cost of investing. into gold bullion. This trade has negatively affected gold over the past year and is expected to limit any major gains in the yellow metal.⚡️
⚡️As Krado expected, gold is falling.⚡️
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⚡️Goal achieved, weekend was great⚡️
⚡️The Fed's job is to bring inflation back to the 2% target and we'll do it. We have been tightening the currency for the past year. Inflation has dropped from its peak and is making good progress, but is still too high. We are prepared to raise interest rates further, if appropriate, and will hold them at that level until we feel confident that inflation has come down to our target with certainty." Fed) Jerome Powell emphasized.⚡️
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⚡️The president of the world's most powerful central bank says the Fed will remain crucial in setting its target of re-targeting 2%. The fight is not over yet and the Fed "has a long way to go" to control inflation at the level the Fed wants.⚡️
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