Gold 24.08 stabilizes for the first time in 2 weeks

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Gold prices hit 2-week highs and settled above the key $1,900 an ⚡️ounce level Wednesday as the dollar and Treasury yields retreated from recent highs ahead of Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell’s speech later in the week at the central bank’s annual policy event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

⚡️This allows spot prices to return to the $1,900 threshold, although growing hopes for the yellow metal remain solid - or at best uncertain - amid worries about higher US interest rates.

⚡️Analysts warn that Powell could warn of an era of higher US interest rates, especially as detection remains high and the labor market remains strong.

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⚡️Gold prices fell slightly on Friday as traders largely favored the dollar ahead of more signals on U.S. monetary policy from the Jackson Hole Symposium, although signs of weakening growth still kept gold above key levels. ⚡️
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