Big short on IOTA!

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Chart speaks for itself. Wanted to tell u guys fast.
Komen: Target 2.83 or the suppot line of the red support line!
Komen: Stop loss at 4.26 usd!
Komen: Wellt he one thing that I will be important for this short is what the bitcoin price will do. If the bitcoin breaks out.
Komen: Darko21 is right, in the past I posted some ideas about IOTA and they didn't worked out all the time. Good point and people should now about. First of all i'm not clear-sighted, I share my tradingideas based on Technical analyse and little on fundamentals. Last few times i'm bearish on IOTA and also on the whole cryptomarket but in the long term i'm really bullish on cryptomarket and especially IOTA. We faced an extremely pump on IOTA and the whole cryptomarket. With the upcomming bitcoin futures i'm bearish on the cryptomarket, till I get signals the markets are bullish again. And after that I will post more long trading ideas than short trading ideas.

For people interested here are my past trading ideas for IOTA:
Shorting IOTA. Stopped out with a small profit since the original call.

Shorting IOTA. Stopped out with a small loss!

Shorting IOTA from 3.04usd till 2.16. And long after till 3.90usd. All targets hitted!

Long on IOTA from 0.78 usd till 1.40 usd. All targets hitted!

Shorting IOTA from 0.87 usd to 0.68 usd. Target hitted!
Dagangan ditutup: hentian tercapai: Trade stopped out. We're opening a long position target 4.90 usd. Bitcoin is breaking out.
Komen: We stopped the long trade. We're out. Waiting for a good moment to go long or short.
Your charting is consistently off across the board.
@Tyebit, Agreed. He absolutely annoys me. I will be here to make sure other visitors know not to trust this person at this time.
Do you think is a good time to buy now IOTA...The next days they have a meeting with Microsoft in Paris...Can the price to grow up?
IOTA seems to be breaking out - this could be the start of a nice bull run :)
VicentSus NerdRapture
@NerdRapture, totally agree


What do you think of my TA? Currently have my buys stacked around 3.5.
Can you update the graph please?
LOL Bear market? What kind of a market have you been living in?
Traded a hedge fund through the 90s when hedge funds weren't a dime a dozen. I quickly learned that most shorts were WAY more sophisticated and knowledgeable regarding their positions vs most of the longs.
Seeing all these foaming bulls getting nasty tells me we'll probably see sub 3 soon enough.
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