Sold OMG. Correction after ATH. Maybe soon we'll see $7 again.

BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
Ok. We not reached our $28 target (see my last idea below) yet but we made a really nice ATH to almost $22.
Now it seems like a correction is coming in. Also BTC broke it's support line what is a sign for me for a harder dip soon.

It's now likely that OMG get back to at least $12 area before it will bounce and we can reach our target of $28 sooner or later.

If the resistance at $12 is breaking this can even go down to $9 or $7 area.

I am out for now and already sold my position.
Now I wait for a better entry level again because 290% profit seems to be enough and even if the bounce come earlier then I expect I am more than happy.

My next entry levels depending on what will happen.
Maybe at around $9, $7 or $11-12.
If it don't go so low I rebuy at $21.

Do your own research. Trade on your own risk.

Last idea:
Dagangan aktif: It took a bit longer then I expected but we reached our first buy level.
The prices bounced in the area of $12 and it should go up from now.

Next target can be $21 again. But it is strongly depending on what BTC is doing.
If price goes down to $13 again it's maybe a good idea to sell again to get in at the $9 or $7 area.

@some previous commenters:
Sometimes patients is the key. Of course you can buy in the smaller bounce to get a $2 profit with higher risk. Nothing wrong on this. But you can also wait for the confirmation and buy in on a safer level with more secureness. This is what I did.

Good luck with your trades.
Do your own research. Trade on your own risk.
Komen: Time to buy.
Hope you can buy at 7.0. I sold half of OMG at 20 and sold another 1/4 at 17.5. I bought back at 15.7 for all. Thanks.
+2 Balas
nfs5 AdamKabac
@AdamKabac, Yeah... maybe he should change the title to "****If bitcoin hits $9,000, maybe we'll see $7 OMG"
NickSdot AdamKabac
@AdamKabac, I know. It is not popular to speak of falling markets.
NickSdot AdamKabac
@AdamKabac, Rofl. Omg. Lol. It exactly happened dude. ;-)
Hi there,

Ive also sold 45% of my pozition at 21. But hope it wont go down to 7. I think it should find support somewhere at 16-17 and then up to 28 :)
NickSdot gtk123
@gtk123, also an option but I don't think so.
Maybe little bounce at the area you said but to hold this down up at all the support at 16-17 seems not strong enough for me.
See the weird red candle yesterday on Bittrex. It can be faster down then we all think it can.
Also correction is needed. BTC free fall on top.

We will see. Good luck!
gtk123 NickSdot
@NickSdot, I think the 50 Day MA will hold it above 16$, lets see :)
Have a great day ahead!
NickSdot gtk123
@gtk123, @gtk123, $12 area seems to hold for now. Just both into a 18% bounce at. Now tight stop-loss.
Let's hope that BTC starts to stabilize. If not $9-7 is still likely. Thoughts?

Enjoy your trades. :)
gtk123 NickSdot
@NickSdot, Hope you are right, but im not concered at all. Im holding my remaining OMG's till at list still spring, and considering to buy some more if it dorps further :)
At this stage is hard to tell what will be the next action it was a really sharp drop in all coins last night, and usualy after the sharp drops values start to increase but anything can happen.
Have a great day :)
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