BITFINEX:OMGUSD   OmiseGo / Dollar
OmiseGo Break out support line and tested this line. Working wih fibonaci levels

Idea Berkaitan

please update. thanks
@EXCAVO The people need a new OMG chart from you! Thank you in advance!!
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Any updates mister?
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I don't think we'll be able to get it for much less than this... I'm giving up on waiting for it to go back down to even $7
When omg new high to 20$
Well played, but I don't think a quick pip is the point of OMG (as many have stated) they have a lot going for them. Havn't released many hard details but have Magento integration, API'd etc. which shows they are progressing... I invested on FA rather than TA and yes it has been manipulated a lot, that's usually a good sign that someone is accumulation. Pretty sure I've had a big buy order sitting down low a few times, shorted it, dumped it hard, waited for panic to set in to bring it down to my buy orders & then go long again. Can be a risky play and yea, some are caught off guard but that's the risk/reward appetite. I've also done the opposite where it was falling below support and I'd ensure it kept bouncing off or raising from that point, selling small bits inbetween... Welcome to markets. TA is great, until you know how easy it is to manipulate.

Welcome to trading
What I see at the moment is higher highs and higher lows
This coin has been struggling recently...still holding though...
Horosho chto ne zashortil, OMG seychas vne tehanaliza, idet pamp
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cnbbcn dzhaks
@dzhaks, ne diyosun dallama. ingilizce konus burda. siktimin mali
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