No Time to day trade? Here's A 300%+ ROI gift for you!

BITTREX:POWRBTC   PowerLedger / Bitcoin
This trade won't fail, POWR is a great product and long standing. This will day dividends at each target and overall comfortably achieve a 300% + ROI . Read until the end for real return....

Forget the banks mutual funds, or high interest bearing accounts this will top them all and just as secure in my opinion, exchange your 3-7% for 300%+

Ok so let's quickly look at it's history it's gone up 350% in just 15 days (shows on 1 day chart below) and has now been on a downward trend since New Years day. Would be a horrible gift if you bought it then, but now we have found the bottom and have moved into consolidation.

Consolidation can go for days, weeks, who knows even a month before we break out. We don't care about this as we are signing up to this trade for a 300% profit in the year of 2018, we will get what we sign up for this is the important thing.

Many traders don't have the time to get onto daily buy signals or day trades and profit yet they love crypto, believe in it and see people becoming filthy rich from it. Well here is a trade for those of you that don't have time to look at a screen, I have many family and friends that this trade is specifically suited for.

Trade instructions are simple, buy in the blue box which is entry zone and hold long. How Long? Well after the BTC stabilises this trade could develop and hit targets in under 60 days. I am not personally buying into the trade to expect a 60 day 300% ROI .... I am buying into this trade to get paid 300% before xmas when the results are delivered earlier it's just a bonus.

You will very rarely see a long trade placed by me if you follow as I don't enjoy investing long in markets with high volatility however POWR is undervalued it's a great product and it will return to old levels. This trade is not trying to set new All Time Highs, we will actually sell before then as 300% is enough.

This trade might take off sooner then you expect as we are looking very bullish now, you will notice the 20 and 50 EMA are going to be turning below the price point in the next coming days. The RSI is increased and trending nicely, all signals for a breakout.

However this trade is for those of you that don't want to be rushed and invest long, it's like the Allianz Mutual fund of Crypto in my opinion safe and certain.

How to trade this coin..... I will be putting in 2BTC and at each target I will draw down my capital back to 2BTC. So at each target I will collect all profits but I will always leave my initial principle in the trade until final target. Choice is yours you can follow this method or compound your money for maximum ROI .

Please see 1 day chart below with targets, this trade won't be updated until targets are reached, it's a long hold so to get to the target if we have gone up down, sideways we don't care, we only need to look at screen when we hit each dividend pay out.

Targets are the green lines, whatever happens in this trade it's a long hold that will hit targets, when I update this trade next it will be telling you it's broken out, then i will only update on each target.

Remember your investing Bitcoin ...... you will make 3 times your bitcoin put 1 bitcoin in pull 3 out. (300%) When we hit targets what will bitcoin be worth? This may produce 1000% ROI+ based off your capital gains on the Bitcoin .
Komen: Some of us entered this trade as we touched the buy zone like me, now we forget about this coin until targets are hit
Komen: POWR has broken out, remember this is a long hold so sit back relax and enjoy.

Cash Is King will keep you up to date on this trade.
Turnover is Vanity... Profit is Sanity... But... **CASH IS KING**

This chat is for you to have fun and share, feel free to join

thanks for posting!
still good to get in on this?
@vspectra, sure you can target is still 300% awake but this is a long trade but targets will be hit
vspectra Cash-is-King
@Cash-is-King, awesome, thanks a bunch!!
CIK, you setting a SL on this and where at?
Scaremaze Scaremaze
@Scaremaze, Im in at 4790 Satoshis. Was going to wait for 4400 again since it's been bouncing there, but I'm after the 300% long term.
@Scaremaze, yes this being a long hold we don't have a stop. You can set one at your entry but i personally just left it.
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