GOLD / 500oz Swing / Interactive trading. Ready?

FX_IDC:XAUUSD   Emas/Dolar U.S.
Hey, hey!
Soon the market is about to open.
I have done my analysis for Monday, but for confirmation I need to see the open price to give you a trading call guys.
I will be going live on persicope on market opening, so if you want you can ask me some questions, talk n stuff.
P.S - people ask me opinion on eur/usd , sorry I don't trade it anymore because I found it boring and a waste of time, I haven't analyzed it for a solid time, so I can't say you nothing.

To get even more interactive for those followers that cannot check the TV for updates, I opened real fresh 30k account, you can use investors login and follow it if you want.

Let's wait for market to open, and start digging some gold .

Credentials with investor login can be found here
Periscopre @paradigmgold

Komen: 10 minutes left to see where to gold is at. I'll be on Periscope for some minute.
Komen: lol. I forgat Gold opens 1 hour later. So I get out in 1 hour.
Komen: Placed a pending sell @ 1327, with TP at 1321.
Cheers and Good Night.
Komen: Pending sell removed.
Komen: Remember me saying on Periscope that maybe should go to sell right on opening. Seems that that would be a great Idea. Anyway, well may catch the next one if it moves down.
Komen: Well I risked here and opened sell on 1323.6, when I noticed it is about to go below MID point.
Along with Temporary direction my TP is 1318 for this trade.
Although this is kinda risky since we are in wave 6 bull zone, but I take the heat and let it go up if it wants to. Not recomending this trade to anyone.
Dagangan aktif
Komen: If U ain't giving me my 2k I will rip u off the chart, Mr. Gold.
Good Morning.
Dagangan aktif: Hi. Wasnt able to update, was away.
Well first of all Should have keep to the plan and don't remove pending order 1327, would be a lot better entry. But as you can see Gold is flat as a pancake.
I am keeping my sell open, and if TP not reached today, then I add more to sell after recalculation and new data as I know that Gold is going for sell anyway, today's H and L is indicating that.
Cheers, and see you around.
appreciated for your update :)

NewsFilters TheZabisyu
Actually I was wondering if its better not to keep your trade position open, but wait till the right entry and make profits before heading into minus.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Cheers TP.
hi how to get into ur real acct. i mean investor pass
TheZabisyu saif1569
read description.
Got in your real acc and waiting for periscope :thumbsup:
TheZabisyu CagatayCetin
i´m here, waiting too.... wanna score some Ounces!!
TheZabisyu Motosierra
U can try man!! Wish you luck.
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