EVENT / FOMC minutes / Bear Cognac, Bull Cigar.

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Hello guys!
Today is FOMC minutes, majority of my followers know what we do here, but for those who don't know:

Events like these mostly have impact , so far we trader 4 events and evry one of them was predicted in right direction. I am using High Frequency technologie that shows me possible signal of direction. Why I do that is just to know where the market could go when news come out. We execute trade 2 mins before the news event thus make money while most people stay out. I suggest you to go thru this idea and read it:

I also will attach all events we traded in related ideas under this idea.
Remember that all xxx/usd and usd/xxx pairs can be traded, but I prefer to trade GOLD .
But you can trade eur/usd , aud/usd , usd/jpy , dxy , and so on!

As always I will be live on Periscope 5 mins before FOMC minutes and give you guys live feed, and of course update this Idea with signal I have.

But as far as for daily swing trading, I personally hold sell from 1256, that I took with you yesterday, because it never kinda broke it back and there was no clear stabilization above that Transition level.

And my Initial target is 1237, after this point is reached I will look to turn very very bullish .
BUT if 1227 is broken I will be very very bearish .

Thank you for your support guys, I enjoy being with you here!

Komen: I am drinking the Bear Cognac. I just don't think the game is over yet, so holding shorts. I have couple pendings below 1250.
When the bottle is bone dry, I smoke the Cigar!
Komen: Even tho Reversal did its daily swing job, dynamic is not done yet.
Komen: Since Every phase is stable which is comparable to the physics perception of wavelength and is using a permanent fibonacci distance 0% to 100%m in this case it means that phase can't be interrupted, meaning if we come down from 100% we should see 0% since it is in the current phase you can see above in screenshot!
Komen: I know I could take long position at wave 5 reversal zone, but it was too risky because of some factors.
Komen: And Bears just gor delivered with new fresh Cognac, so we get drunk till Bulls light up the Cigar!
Komen: Bears just broke 1256 which is today's Sell Transition. As always test back is a must.
I may consider adding to my sells on 1256 test.
It should touch it now, and continue the Cognac party.
Need to test it back, just like yesterday.
Only difference today is that yesterday 56 was buy transition, today it is sell transition. Gold came down breaking it, now we should see a test of it, and then continue to drink the Bearish Cognac till the moment when Bears get totally drunk, is when Bulls should light up the Cigar.
Dagangan aktif: Bottle is opened. Let em drink. Next Cognac located below 1250.
Komen: "" Your analysis is so accurate, gold is dipping now ""
Thanks Lio, and everyone!
This is because we have some Cognac.. without it, we were not so accurate yesterday! Let em get drunk! We look for Cigars later!
Komen: 54 is causing the problem here. Didn't break.
Komen: This is what you get in ranging markets with no clear direction.
Bouncing from Transition to Transition.
Komen: Patience is the key virtue of good investors.
Komen: This 3 day behaviour is telling me that epic break of this range will come in. Gold is being prepared.. maybe today on Fomc.
Komen: If one thing works out here and proves to be right again, I will give you valuable hint that will help you in trading and seing the strenght.
Komen: I hope you enjoy it my people! Love to make a buck for you!
Komen: Take money off the table when you feel you want to! There will be plenty of trades more and more! ;)
Komen: Let me prepare a valuable market behaviour reading hint for you. Will update in 1 hour, will take time to write it down. Bear with me!
Komen: Like previous retest of 1256 transition, we now should have clear test of second Transition 1254 test after it is broken. It kinda was, but not the one I liked.
I am holding sells, but I always suggest people to take money while it is on table, you get plenty of trades, don't worry. We have Transitions every day!
Komen: This is why I always suggest you to take money from the table when it is there. ;)
You had a chance to take 5$ move!
Komen: I added again to shorts at 56, but I did not tell you, because at this point it can be risky, and I don't want to get you in trouble, you CAN short this according to your trade setup.
I am still for this target.
Komen: A lot of people get scared and jump off. Always remember, patience pays off big time.
Komen: Don't be disturbed, fill the glass with some more cognac and enjoy the good day.
Komen: Glad I added the shorts. This time we can go lower.
Dagangan ditutup secara manual: I closed every sell, decided to take the money while it was on table. Reversal zone from wave 5 is pretty damn strong and since it is a TP from wave 6 on daily swing we may not break it. See you on FOMC minutes. Periscope nickname in my status!
Komen: To those who hold, I highly suggest you to take the money, and let's re-short later when we get good transition or, clear break below reversal zone at 1250.
Komen: After recalculation I get bullish transition at 1254. If High Frequency software gives bullish signal before FOMC I may consider executing a long trade just before FOMC.
Let's wait.
Komen: Reminder, if you trade this event you trade it on your own risk! News trading is very risky, do not risk money that you cannot afford to lose. As well if you don't know how we trade news with HFT, go and read all related ideas... to know the possible scenario. I can't write it over and over again.
See you on FOMC. Let's see where the price will be before the event.
And remember, FOMC is the most crap there can be, so there is no guaranteed liquidity.. and event can be very weak with no impact whatsoever!
Komen: I am very sorry to tell but event is canceled! I have technical issues, and HFT have lost the signal!
I don't want to put people under risk and trade it, because I care.
Last signal it generated was long, but then it changed direction and turned flat, this is due to internet connection problems, since High Frequency requires enormous internet speed. I WONT PUT YOU UNDER RISK.
So this event is canceled.

Last signal was long on Gold but do npt trade it!
I am very sorry, I cant do nothing about this.
Komen: "" Last signal it generated was long ""

We could have made nice profit on this trade, but I Value risk factors more than anything. I am very very very sorry guys that this happened, I just didn't want to risk since software glitched, I could be wrong and a lot of people would suffer!

Better luck to us next time!
See you on next daily Idea!
Thank you for your support!
And sorry one more time.
Komen: Do not long this today!! Money is gone! Event was weak! It did not break 1256 transition upside!
Komen: Guys lets wait for NY session close, do the calculation and see what transitions we have for tomorrow. I am not longing nor shorting. It is done for today!
Komen: I posted this today. The transition... it blocked the upward movement again.
Komen: Tomorrow I will visit my ISP provider and throw a dynamite.
Friday Yellen Speech will have huge impact so I want HFT to work on that.. because money is to be made!
Idea closed!
See you on fresh one!
Komen: By the way, some people noticed title of this idea and write me. I was waiting for some to do it..... do you get it?
Why Bear Cognac and Bull Cigar?

Bears drink cognac the whole day.
Then Bulls lighted up the Cigar ( candle )
Strange huh?

Many thanks!
TPP, if 1256 is still transition and it blocked upward movement, do you think we can short? Or wait and see what the NY close gives us?
TheZabisyu fruitman82
Greed is the worst thing in forex my friend! You will make money tomorrow.. now close the chart and take a a fresh shower my friend. Close price will tell where it goes tomorrow!
Okay ;)
fruitman82 TheZabisyu
Never hurts to hear that advice. It was a good day today, so gonna end it on a high. Looking forward to your updates tomorrow. Cheers.
TheZabisyu fruitman82
My pleasure, and love to hear people had good day! Cheers.

Are we going lower? 1238 ?
R u going for LONG?
no problem bro! we will watch&see..
By at 19:50, in 15Min TF, it hit 1251 level 7th times. pay attention!
Mind explaining in plain English what does it mean from your prospective? : )
sulbas VirtualFax
in other words, its trying to crack down 1251 but it cant so that it may return back (up) ;)
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