Gold today 21.08 Ambitious TP distant 1987

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After reaching the TP 1987 on July 20, gold continued to decline until today, gold has traded below the price range of 1900. shows that the attractiveness of gold to investors has almost disappeared.

If the Fed does not intervene soon, gold futures may fall to 188x,but the source said that Unless the economy cracks, the Fed will certainly not cut rates this year,
Predicts the Fed may start cutting rates from spring 2024 if usage continues to fall to 2%

A faster rate cut is likely if the labor market begins to "enter a recession" with consecutive monthly job losses.

The next nonfarm payrolls report will be released on Friday, September 1

⚡️ Plan to Sell at the price range 1898 - 1900. ⚠️ SL 1910 🔥TP 1885⚡️

we can buy lightly waiting for entry 1900

What is your opinion? can let me know in the comment section, thanks.🌷
⚡️ * Let's win the market together* ⚡️
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⚡️ Plan to Sell at the price range 1898 - 1900. ⚠️ SL 1910 🔥TP 1885⚡️
🔥 Hit TP + 130 pips are you great 🔥

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