Gold forecast week 34 The "interest rate" nightmare lasts

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🔔Ended the trading session of the week 33 candles closed at 1889 ,A week where gold is often under pressure from the dollar , h4 chart shows that the downtrend is still in progress, possibly going deeper into the zone that Krodo analyzed earlier.

🔔The dollar was set for a 0.5% gain on the week, as strong U.S. economic readings and hawkish signals from the minutes of the Fed’s July meeting pushed up bets that U.S. rates will remain higher for longer.

🔔While the Fed has flagged only one more hike this year, the prospect of higher-for-longer U.S. rates bodes poorly for gold markets, given that it pushes up the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding assets.

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Gold has problems competing with assets that offer 4-5% yields, like bonds, while gold doesn't.
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🔔 Gold news today 🔔
“Spot gold has fallen below the $1900 level, but momentum selling has slowed,” Ed Moya, analyst at online trading platform OANDA, said, noting that “gold traders are also fixating over the $1,900 level for gold futures.”
⚡️ gold is finding the support zone 1900 ⚡️
🔥Krado buy at 1984 price zone, now + 50 pips🔥
🔥Wishing everyone a successful trading week🔥
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⚡️ SELL GOLD 1894-1896⚡️

❕ SL: 1899
✔️TP1: 1886
✔️TP2: 1800
+ 60 pips
⚡️Ending this morning's session, gold runs in a narrow range⚡️
and Krado made a profit of 🔥 +150 pips, congrats everyone on the right track
⚡️ BÁN VÀNG 1894-1896⚡️

❕ SL: 1899
✔️TP1: 1886
✔️TP2: 1800
+ 60 pip
+ 80pips
⚡️Hit Tp⚡️ great⚡️

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